(Couesius plumbeus)

The Lake Chub is a freshwater fish is found in Canada and in parts of the United States. As its common name implies, Lake Chub is most commonly found in lakes, but it can also live in rivers and streams. In mid-summer it may move to the deeper parts of a lake to avoid the warmer waters of the shore. The diet of the Lake Chub is varied; zooplankton, insects, aquatic insect larvae, and algae. The Larger Chubs can catch small fish.

The body is elongate, usually 4 inches long, though some can be found twice that size. The back is olive-brown or dark brown. The snout is blunt and projects slightly beyond the upper lip. The corners of the mouth each bear a small barbell. The scales are small but visible, and some may be black and form isolated dark spots on the lower sides.

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