European Walleye

Sander lucioperca

European Walleye are the larger cousins to North American Walleye, all of which are in the same family. Their origins are from Northern and central Europe from Siberia to as far west as the United Kingdom.

European Walleye, called pikeperch in Europe, has pure white meat, a mild taste and flakey texture. Highly prized with a long history in fine continental cuisines throughout Europe.

With 12 months of the year representation in Europe, Presteve Foods closely monitors catches. Presteve Foods carefully selects only the finest processor and supervises production to provide the finest finished product available.

Refrigerated containers with up to 19 metric tons of frozen fillets regularly shipped from our approved plants directly to the Presteve Foods modern cold storage and plant facilities in Wheatley. They immediately undergo further exhaustive checks to ensure product achieves Presteve’s quality standards and falls under our Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) approved QMP/HACCP plan.

Catches European Walleye are best in spring and fall with availability of our IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) fillets usually year round. Presteve European fillets, graded for size, prepared skin-on and glazed to protect them in the freezer. The individual fillets can be prepared using your favorite recipe and served in minutes from freezer to plate.