Herring Roe/Lojrom

Coregonus artedii

Herring Roe have been highly prized delicacies for generations by Scandinavians. At Presteve Foods we have adopted the Swedish processing style and we use the Swedish words in our product description –Lojrom. Herring Roe is collected November-December of each spawning season. Only the best eggs are saved during this short season and as a Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) approved ready to eat operation rigid quality and hygiene measures are maintained as part of Presteve Foods QMP/HACCP plan.

In North America you will often see the product referred to as “Golden Caviar” with Herring Roe being orange in appearance. Herring Roe have small delicate beads that are carefully handled and prepared with just a slight addition of salt to enhance their natural flavors. The brightly covered Roe has a very mild flavor. Presteve Foods have also developed two color added varieties in red and in black. For this color added variety we use the same quality Roe, blended with natural USFDA & CFIA approved colorings that offer the discerning customer greater variety with beautiful eye appeal.

The best preparation is simply an overnight defrost in your refrigerator but they can also he quickly thawed by placing the sealed container in cool water for about an hour. All Presteve Foods Herring Roe is fully READY-TO-EAT with a mild and fresh taste that will allow a wide variety of menu applications.