Lake Herring

Coregonus Artedi

Lake Herring are small slender school fish that generally inhabit the midwater regions of the Great Lakes. As water temperatures drop in the fall, the Herring forms large spawning schools. In the Great Lakes region this occurs in late November or early December, a week or two after the Whitefish have spawned. Lake Herring inhabits the clear cold waters of most deep lakes. In Ontario, it occurs in all the Great Lakes and in numerous inland lakes. It enters brackish water off the mouths of rivers which flow into Hudson Bay. The Herring needs an abundant source of oxygen which is usually present in deep, infertile lakes, as opposed to a deficiency of oxygen in some deep, fertile lakes in late summer.

Herring are slender and silvery, and each has two flaps on the septum dividing the nostril. However, the lake whitefish has a rounded, blunt snout, while the lake herring has a pointed snout with a longer lower jaw. The Herring are an oily fish rich in protein, vitamins and Omega-3 fatty acids, which are beneficial to health. They can grow up to 40cm/16in in length.

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