Lake Smelt

(Osmerus Mordax)

Lake Smelt spend most of the year in deep water offshore. In the spring, smelt move from deeper water offshore into shallow near shore waters to spawn. The spawning season lasts for about 2 weeks in a given area, but the spawning season extends from March to May. “Smelt dipping” is a common group sport throughout the Great Lakes; nets are dipped in the water and recover plentiful smelt. Presteve Foods Smelt is obtained by dredging through the lake to acquire our abundance of Smelt.

Smelts resemble a salmon in appearance, although on a scale they are much smaller. They usually reach 7 inches, but some can reach as large as 28 inches. The body of the Lake Smelt is slender and cylindrical. It has a silvery, pale green back and is iridescent purple, blue, and pink on the sides, with a light underside. Great Lakes smelt are enjoyed around the world for their excellent food value. A subtle taste experience with an aroma likened to fresh cucumbers.

Catches of our Lake smelt are available in Fresh or Frozen form. Our Lake Smelt is highly purchased in our local Retail store, as well as shipped around the world. At Presteve Foods we have them Dressed, Whole, Fresh, Frozen, or Battered and packed to our customer’s specifications. They are enjoyed pan fried, or deep fried.