Rainbow Trout

(Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Ontario Rainbow Trout are very closely related to Salmon with the main difference being Rainbow Trout is exclusively farm-raised. Rainbow Trout are well suited for farm-raising, mainly because they are fast growing with good environment tolerances.

Aquaculture is the production of fish in a controlled area. Cage culture is fish that are grown in submersible cages or “net-pens”. Presteve Foods Rainbow Trout are grown in the Northern Part of the Great Lakes, out in the open water. These Rainbow Trout are fed an exclusive diet of specific nutrient filled pellets which control their diet and help their growth. These fish take generally 2-3 years under normal conditions to reach market size.

Healthy Rainbow Trout have red flesh which is reflective of their natural controlled growing conditions. The main benefit of the Northern Ontario Farm-Raised Trout is the natural nutrients from Georgian Bay, aids in the growth of fish.

Once the live fish are netted, they are bled, filleted, and packed at 36 degrees, all within one hour, summer or winter.