(Sander Canadensis)

The Sauger is a freshwater fish which resembles its close relative the Walleye. Sauger distribution varies throughout the year because they are a migratory fish species. Being so close in species Saugers are sometimes hard to differentiate between Walleyes. Saugers, however, are usually smaller and will better tolerate warmer water temperatures. Saugers are most likely to be found in large rivers with deep pools, but they encounter a variety of habitats because of their migratory tendencies.

Saugers are long and thin, with dark backs, brassy sides, dark spots, and a pale belly. They have a forked tail with a pale streak on the bottom edge. Some Sauger have a black spot on their body near where pectoral fin attaches. Saugers are usually less than 3 pounds and 18 inches in length.

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