White Bass

(Morone chrysops)

White Bass are distributed widely across the United States. They inhabit large rivers and reservoirs. The species main color is silver-white to pale green. Its back is dark, with white sides and belly.

White Bass has been harvested from the Great Lakes for over 25 years. White Bass is very popular with ethnic cultures because of its large size and reasonable price. The large volumes produced off only Lake Erie make it a consistent option for consumers to rely on most months of the year. White Bass has a stronger taste, darker meat and a firm texture. The vertical stripes on the skin make it an attractive item in a seafood counter. White Bass fillets are larger in size than White Perch and are consistent. White Bass is great for pan frying, coating and deep frying or broiling.

Presteve Foods has White Bass available in Medium & Large Fresh Whole Round packed in 60lb. boxes. We also pack Whole IQF Bass in 22lb. or 33lb. boxes. Skin-on IQF Fillets are available in 2-5oz. Single cut 11lb. boxes.